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Construction regulations (ВБН) В.2.4-00013741-001:2008 Construction of oil and gas wells. Principal provisions
State Standard of Ukraine (ДСТУ) ISO 10414-1 Petroleum industry. Testing fluids while in production. Part 1. Water-based muds (ISO 10414-1:2008, IDT)

Company Standard (СОУ) 11.2-20077720-030:2008 Oil and gas wells. Casing. Principal provisions

Company Standard 11.2-13957538-001:2010 Oil and gas wells. Well pad drilling. Simultaneous drilling, production and workover at well pads in oil and gas fields in Ukraine. General technical requirements

Company Standard 09.1-31174865.001:2019 Oil and gas wells. Acid treatment using coiled tubing equipment. Process regulation

Company Standard 09.1-31174865.002:2019 Oil and gas wells. Sand jet perforation using coiled tubing equipment. Process regulation

Company Standard 09.1-31174865.003:2019 Oil and gas wells. Special operations using coiled tubing equipment. General requirements

Company Standard 11.2-31174865.04:2020 Oil and gas wells. Supervising for drilling and workover. Guidelines

Company Standard 11.2-20077720-029:2009 Petroleum industry. Drilling of wells. Principal provisions

Company Standard 11.2-20077720-035:2009 Petroleum industry. Drilling muds and chemicals. Properties

Company Standard 11.2-00013741-002:2008 Oil and gas fields. Early detection and prevention of oil, water and gas kicks. Procedure

Company Standard 11.2-200077720-046:2011 Operations at industry facilities during well construction. General technical requirements

Company Standard 09.10-31174865.002:2018 Blowout prevention equipment. Typical schematics, main parameters and technical requirements

Process regulation (ТР) 31174865.001:2016 Regulations for drilling of directional and horizontal wells

Process regulation 31174865.002:2017 Regulations for muds and special fluids

Recommended practices for diving operations in petroleum industry

Well screens

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Basics of petroleum engineering

Designing drilling and field equipment

Jack-up rigs

Drilling equipment and technologies

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