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Muds and special fluids


One of our priorities is provision of advanced mud systems and special fluids.

Our company has been taking part in drilling deep, directional and horizontal wells aiming at efficient penetration of productive horizons.


We tailor compositions of muds and special fluids for specific drilling conditions.

Lab testing of chemical agents and muds ensure we always have the best compositions selected for the project.

Our company engages in and maintains business contacts and technical cooperation with research institutes in Ukraine and international service majors  such as Baroid (Halliburton), Sirius (Germany) etc.


Our experience in muds and special fluids stems from jobs performed in Ukrainian fields (including on shelves of Black and Azov seas) as well as internationally.

Engineering support includes:

  • development of mud compositions and mud programs;
  • supply of materials and chemicals;
  • control and maintenance of mud parameters on customers’ sites; 
  • rental of muds;
  • drilling waste disposal.

Engineers at the well sites work in our lab trailers fully equipped with testing tools. Besides, our central research lab in Poltava operates full-time.

Our company also provides mobile warehouses, mud mixing and cleaning equipment, units for drill waste separation and filtration of waste waters.  


Our equipment
Mud systems
Mud systems
Quality control and maintaining mud parameters
Quality control and maintaining mud parameters