Directional drilling - 1 Directional drilling - 1

Directional drilling


Vast majority of oil and gas fields is situated in valuable agricultural lands, in densely populated areas or in natural reserves and resorts. 

Conditions of natural and man-made environment as well as legal requirements for land acquisition call for advanced drilling methods if we are to reach the deposits where vertical drilling is not feasible. 

Directional drilling aims at getting to the planned point of entry into the productive horizon from the remote surface location where we can install the rig, start drilling and put the well into production safely and efficiently.


Advantage of directional drilling:​​​​​​

  • access to out-of-the-way oil or gas deposits located under populated areas, lakes, at the sea shelf etc;
  • high performance penetration and production from the deposits;
  • drilling of multilateral wells;
  • sidetracking option.

Directional drilling allows to increase production from the geological objective by expanding well-to-productive-horizon contact.


Our team has extensive knowledge on developing and putting to work drilling programs for wells with complex trajectories.  

Our portfolio boasts many successful cases of drilling directional and horizontal wells as well as sidetracks.

For the abovementioned works we use 2 Drill-Tek hydraulic link MWDs with GR log, downhole motors manufactured by Wenzel Downhole Tools and proprietary software.

Our equipment
Directional System Drill-Tek MWD-175
Directional System Drill-Tek MWD-175
Wenzel Downhole Tools motors
Wenzel Downhole Tools motors


Directional System Drill-Tek MWD-175


  • operates in non-magnetic pipes OD 89 mm to 203 mm;
  • emergency retrieval;
  • real time recording of GR data;
  • quick adjustment and programming onsite.
Tool featuresSpecs
Total length 10.11 m – directional and gamma
8,8 m – directional only
Outer diameter47.6 mm1.875 in
Directional measurement sensor from bottom of tool 4.48 m – directional and gamma 
3.17 m – directional only 
Power sourceThermal resistant lithium accumulators (27 V), operational time ≈ 400 hrs 
*(MWD has two accumulators, operating and backup)
Signal typeHydraulic link, positive pulse
ProgrammingAt surface, operation mode can be switched at bottom 
Emergency retrievalMin drift diameter 60 mm 
Max working temperature150  оС302 оF
Max mud operating pressure 137.9 MPa20 000 Psi
Recommended flow range 0.30 – 0.63 m3/min (5.0 – 10.5 l/sec), Ø3 ½” (88.9 mm)
0.38 – 1.14 m3/min (6.3 – 19 l/sec), Ø4 ¾” (120.6 mm)
0.57 – 2.27 m3/min (9.5 – 37.8 l/sec), Ø6 ½” (165.1 mm)
1.50 – 4.45 m3/min (25.0 – 74.2 l/sec), Ø8 ¼” (214 mm)
Pressure drop at circulating 1000 kg/m3 mud0.689 MPa at 25.5 l/sec100 psi at 1.52 m3/min
Max sand content in mud0,5 %
Measurement accuracy
Inclination, degrees±0,1
Azimuth, degrees±0,15
Toolface, degrees ±0,5
Natural gamma radiation, %±7
Temperature, оС±2,5



Wenzel Downhole Tools motors

Our team has been successfully using downhole motors in sizes ranging from 79 mm to 240 mm.

Sealed oil-filled bearing assemblies of Wenzel M6 Millenium downhole motors are specifically designed to work in extremely difficult drilling conditions and to withstand ultra-high torque power sections. 

Motors with short bearing section HB-21 are used when operations call for intensive angle build-up.