Well workover and coiled tubing technologies - 1 Well workover and coiled tubing technologies - 1

Well workover and coiled tubing technologies


Presently, most fields that provide for the lion’s share of oil and gas in Ukraine are mature.

This means that these fields suffer sharp decrease of formation pressures, drop in production rates and extensions of drainage zones in reservoirs. At the same time, there are huge volumes of hydrocarbons still left in the fields.


Coiled tubing technologies help restore the regular production rates and as such are increasingly in demand in Ukraine.

Coiled tubing equipment is used without killing a well.

The main advantage of it during stimulation is that it combines physical and chemical methods of influencing the formation.


Technologies most in demand:

  • well completion and testing;
  • washout of paraffin and sand plugs and hydrate blocks;
  • hydrocarbon inflow stimulation;
  • horizon shut off, installation and retrieval of packers, setting and drilling out cement bridges;
  • logging in directional and horizontal wells;
  • sand jet perforation;
  • water shut off;
  • Velocity String;
  • fishing jobs.

Medco software is used for modelling operations and allowable coiled tubing loads in preparation of the work program as well as to monitor tubing fatigue after the job.

Coiled tubing integrity evaluation (changes in size or wall thickness) and flaw inspection are conducted by Novinka DT-1 flaw detector.


Our workover and coiled tubing department takes the complex approach to the job and boasts the best team and equipment available:

  • three fully equipped coiled tubing fleets;
  • experienced team of CT engineers; 
  • focus on using complex and best-outcome technologies to inflow stimulation..

Our main customer is the state-owned company JSC Ukrgazvydobuvannya. We also do jobs for PJSC Naftogazvydobuvannya, LLC Kosul and others.

Our equipment
Coiled tubing unit МК30Т
Coiled tubing unit МК30Т
Pumping unit
Pumping unit
Nitrogen unit А100 with liquid nitrogen tank
Nitrogen unit А100 with liquid nitrogen tank
Additional equipment
Additional equipment
Physical and chemical lab
Physical and chemical lab
CT with logging cable
CT with logging cable


Coiled tubing unit МК30Т


Main parameters    Specs
Maximum injector pulling capacity, kg36,200
Snubbing capacity, kg13,000
Coiled tubing velocity rate:
  •  min, m/sec (m/min)
  •  max, m/sec (m/min)

0.015 (0.9)
0.8 (48)
Tube OD/length, mm/m38.1 / 5,000
Tapered tube OD/length, mm/m38.1 / 6,300
Max wellhead pressure, MPa70
Recorder setСКР43-20, СКР45


Pumping unit

Main parametersSpecs
HP three-piston pumpTWS 600S
Max pressure, MPa70
Flow rate at max pressure, l/min140
Max flow rate, l/min730
Pressure at max flow rate, MPa13.2
Additional equipmentCompressor / diesel boiler


Nitrogen unit А100 with liquid nitrogen tank

Main parametersSpecs
Max working pressure, MPa70
Max flow rate with gaseous nitrogen, not exceeding, m3/min85
Min flow rate with gaseous nitrogen, not less, m3/min8.5
Liquid nitrogen tank capacity, l11,650



Additional equipment:

Fleet of acid-resistant tanks, equipment for mixing acid solutions, preparation and cleaning unit for sand jetting fluids, jet unit for making foam systems, choke manifold, tank for cleaning working fluids of solid content (proppant, sand, cuttings etc), two-phase separator with closed tank for separating liquids from gaseous substances and retrieval of solid content.

At customer’s request, equipment can be updated and tailored to the specific conditions to enable for the most complex challenges at the wellsites.

Acid treatment unit

Acid-resistant tanks, total volume 40 m3
Membrane pump for mixing acid solutions
Main parametersSpecs
Max flow rate, l/min40 – 454
Max pressure, bar0,9


Sand jet perforation 

Fluid mix unitFluid cleaning unit complete with shale shaker 
Filtration unit
Main parametersSpecs
Flow rate, m3/hrup to 100
Cleaning range, micron5 – 20 
Working pressure, MPa (bar)0.7 (7)
Working temperature, оС-20...+70
Mud preparation unit with hydraulic drive ПБР-16
Main parametersSpecs
Frame with equipment mounted on it 
• length, m8.5
• width, m2.4
• height, m3.1
• weight, kg7,200
Diesel engine drive (engine Д-245.9) 
• rated power, kW100
Pump for work fluids К-100-80-200 
• flow rate, m3/hr150
• fluid density, kg/m3up to 1,850
Tank with agitators, hydraulic  mixers and piping (2 lines)  
• volume, m38

Fluid reception equipment

Droplet collector
Main parametersSpecs
Working pressure, MPa (bar)4.0 (40.0)
Wall temperature, оС-30...+80
Working mediumNatural gas, condensate, petroleum products 
Capacity, m3 (l)1.0 (1,000)
Choke manifold
Main parametersSpecs
Working pressure, MPa (bar)70.0 (700.0)


Physical and chemical lab

Set to conduct research (developing compositions of acid, polymer and water shut off fluids and solutions), select inhibitors, corrosion test with modeling influence of formation conditions (up to 180 оС).

Lab testing of muds and solutions to check compatibility with well fluids, core samples, cuttings, muds and downhole equipment.



CT with logging cable

We have CT with in-built three-core logging cable and connector assembly to make up with conventional logging tools. This CT has length of 5,000 m and allows to conduct logging both in vertical and in sidetracks, directional and horizontal sections.

Changeable CT spool with cable Three-core logging cable 3-Н-422D


Main parameters                                                 Specs
Coiled tubing length, m5,030
OD/wall thickness, mm38.1/3.4
Pipe collectorS60
Three-core logging cable3-H-422D
Cable OD, mm10.82