Unique opportunity to share experience

Unique opportunity to share experience
24 October 2023

It’s the seventh year in a row for Burova Technika to take part in the International Trade Fair OILGASEXPO-2023. Despite the grave circumstances in the country, we continue operating, develop our activites and offer new services to all customers, long-term and potential ones.

First of all, we would like to thank the organizer of this fair, the International Exhibition Centre and its Project Manager Victoriia Zakharchenko and STANDPOINT EXPO and its Acting Director Oleksandr Volochko for the great design of our exhibition stand that presented our company’s values and services spot-on.


We are happy to have been visited by Natalka Cmoc, Ambassador of Canada. She familiarized herself with the current situation on the domestic petroleum market and how local service companies operate within the challenges posed by the war.
Our company also from benefits from using Canadian-manufactured MWD system (Drill-Tek). Ukrnaftagazservis, our long-term partner, has been using Canadian-manufactured downhole tools (WENZEL DOWNHOLE TOOLS), oscillators etc in its operations as well as servicing them in their workshop in Poltava.


Within the fair, on 17th of October, VII International Kyiv conference by Newfolk OGCC took place. It became the platform to discuss important issues in petroleum industry and share experience and knowledge. Vitaliy Vitryk, General Director of Burova Technika, made the welcoming speech to the conference participants. 

We also would like to thank the organizers of the conference, the team of Newfolk OGCC and its director Andrii Zakrevskyi for this opportunity to communicate ideas and take part in pressing technical discussions


The fair also included IV meeting of the Drillers’ Union of Ukraine. It gathered over 90 academics and representatives of petroleum industry to discuss and respond to the current challenges we encounter when drilling and producing. 

This meeting also became an opening ground for presenting new technologies and achievements. Lots of topics were raised, among them technical know-hows, safety issues, environmental protection, upgrading existing industry standards and moving to more transparent regulating practices. 

Finally, we would like to thank our Armed Forces of Ukraine. Without them, no events like that would ever had chance to take place