Technical standardization

Technical standardization
24 March 2021

We’ve often been asked a question: what is standardization, what are its uses and how it can benefit the services that company can provide?

The answer is simple. Any industrial society cannot function without technical legislation that would provide guidelines and regulate processes of manufacture and quality control as well as ensure health and safety of the workers, help avoid property damage and protect the environment.  Standardization aims to harmonize all the rules and regulations that exist in specific industries and to make most of them.  


The technical committee for standardization ТC 138 NAFTOGAZnormuvannya set up with LLC RTE Burova Technika is created for that same purpose: to make processes and operations in petroleum industry more efficient and assist in bringing in the international standards. The committee is chaired by Vitaliy Vitryk, Director General of Burova Technika, PhD, Engineering Sciences, member of the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy.  Volodymyr Sirenko, Senior Standards and Quality Engineer, LLC RTE Burova Technika, serves as secretary of the committee.  

ТC 138 NAFTOGAZnormuvannya is a member of Association “Oil and Gas of Ukraine”.

Engineers working for the committee have extensive experience in developing and harmonization of standards, regulations, specifications and specialize in cluster drilling, sidetracking and workover with coiled tubing.

Summary of the committee strategy
see here.

The following documents have been developed or are being developed by the technical committee on request from the operators: