9th International Industrial Forum

9th International Industrial Forum
17 March 2023

Petroleum industry in Ukraine is going through the hard times now, but vision for the future is as important as ever. On March 14th, the 9th International Industrial Forum took place at National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”. The main topic for this year’s Forum was the energy security as the main priority in the development of the domestic petroleum industry.


Burova Technika professionals took part in the forum’s events and activities. 
Roman Halushka, Head of the Workover and Coiled Tubing Department, presented his paper on the challenges of coiled tubing operations in Ukraine. He shared his experience in operating the coiled tubing fleet during the war and stressed the factors that need to be taken into account when planning complex workover job.


Volodymyr Sirenko, Senior Standards and Quality Engineer, made a presentation on the importance of adhering to industry standards and procedures for quality and trouble-free drilling. He also reaffirmed that standards are no less crucial for using the latest equipment as well as applying the advanced technologies and customized solutions. The report has evolved into discussion around proper use of terminology, avoiding referencing the outdated regulations and touched upon lack of several national level regulations for the industry.


LLC Burova Technika representatives serve in the technical committee for standardization ТC 138 NAFTOGAZnormuvannya created to develop the national level standards for petroleum industry in Ukraine.

The Forum was a great opportunity for industry professionals to meet and share their best moments and challenges that abounded last year