Well pad drilling

Well pad drilling
01 September 2022

Technical standards for drilling well pads 

Well pads where producer can drill directional and horizontal wells from the single location are the most convenient way to develop the fields situated within vast agricultural areas, in forested terrains and national reserves as well as under inhabited areas, lakes and rivers. 


In Ukraine, application of this type of drilling is hindered by lack of comprehensive standards which would institute and unify requirements for planning, drilling, production and workover of and from such well pads. Such standards should also cover supervision of works and contractors’ operations as well as labour and fire safety, blowout prevention and environmental protection.

Presently, leading specialists of our company are completing the standard “Oil and gas wells. Simultaneous operations on drilling, production and workover at well pad sites”. The standard is developed at the request of a privately owned Ukrainian producer. 



Our company has vast experience in developing standards and process regulations for well pads, among them the Company Standard 11.2-13957538-001:2010 “Oil and gas wells. Well pad drilling. Simultaneous drilling, production and workover at well pads in oil and gas fields in Ukraine. General technical requirements” for Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited.

Well pad drilling will allow to save significant costs on preparations, drilling and any additional works including logistics and field maintenance. It will also make well operations simpler and optimize production processes.