TOP 5 facts about the company

TOP 5 facts about the company
29 October 2020

1. Advantages

Our dynamic growth is assured by highly skilled personnel, wide range of equipment and operational facilities available and full package of licenses and permits for drilling services.

2. Our services

  • design projects for drilling oil and gas wells;
  • directional drilling;
  • muds and special fluids;
  • well workover using coiled tubing;
  • integrated project management.

3. Equipment

  • Directional System DRILL-TEK MWD-175;
  • Downhole motors from Wenzel Downhole Tools;
  • Stationary and field labs for drilling fluids and cementing slurries;
  • Coiled tubing units MK30T;
  • Nitrogen units А100 with liquid nitrogen tank;
  • Pumping units УН4;
  • Droplet collector (separator);
  • filtration units for cleaning process fluids and liquid waste;
  • mud preparation units БП-8/16, БП- 11/13, БП-25, БП-30;
  • mud preparation unit ПБР-16 (V=16 m3) with hydraulic drive;
  • multistage mud cleaning units БО-35 and БО-40.

4. Leader

Vitaliy Vitryk is the topnotch expert in modern technologies of drilling and workover for deep oil and gas wells. He holds PhD in Engineering Sciences and is the member of the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy. He has been General Director of our company since 2000. For the outstanding services in the development of petroleum industry, he has been awarded  the title of the Distinguished Worker of the Ukrainian Industry.

5. Achievements

Leader of the Industry 2009, Leader of the Industry 2010, Leader of the Industry 2011, Leader of the Industry 2015, Leader of the Industry 2016, Leader of the Industry 2019, Leader of the Industry 2020.