Gas of our own

Gas of our own
18 December 2020


Where to look for the promising fields?

General Director Vitaliy Vitryk has shared his vision of the energy security of Ukraine. We are proud to have the top manager of the petroleum services company LLC Burova Technika as member of the expert board to the Exploration and Production Division of Naftogaz since this September. The board consists of 11 leading researchers and industrial professionals in geological exploration and hydrocarbon production.


“We have two options. The first one is to develop new fields: on the sea shelf, in Carpathians, do deep drilling, go for tight gas. The second option would be to actively pursue operations in existing fields. They have the reserves that will allow to keep the production rates. We have hundreds of abandoned wells, but they can give good results too. We have to push for new technologies, for the simplest methods are not enough anymore. Every project is important for the energy independence,” says General Director Vitaliy Vitryk.